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Our Services

Making your presence felt

Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Marketing

Illuminate can help you manage your listing on various search engines to make sure you customers can find you fast and contact you just as easily. We can also advertise your product on Google and other platforms and target your ideal market.

We can also help you get your listing to the top of the page without the expensive costs if this is the path that you choose.




Great content is the key

If words are not your forte they are ours. We can write that pitch for you, help you adjust your website or create a piece of content to hand out to your customers. Illuminate will help you put your best literary foot forward to lead customers to you.



Media Management

No matter what the platform

We can manage your social media profile across any platform and any number of platforms that suit your business. We can also use social media to advertise and target the perfect demographic to drive better engagement with your brand and give you the ideal leads. We take the hassle out of managing your social media accounts, so you can focus on your sales.


Graphic Design


Ad Design

Stunning visuals for your business

Illuminate specializes in creating amazing graphics to draw in the senses and emotions to drive engagement. We can design a single ad to several graphics for you to advertise your products.

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